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Inthe age of the digital revolution, where information is becoming the most important resource, the ability to effectively collect and analyze data is essential. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) has gained prominence as a key tool in intelligence, meeting the needs of both government agencies and private investigators. With the vast amount of data available, the challenge is how to effectively analyze and organize it. This is where ChatGPT comes in – an advanced AI tool that is revolutionizing OSINT processes, enabling it to sift through vast data sets and provide precise answers.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-based language model that was developed by OpenAI. It is a type of machine learning algorithm that has learned to generate text from huge text data sets. Unlike traditional computer programs, ChatGPT uses GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) technology, which allows it to generate comprehensible and consistent responses to user questions or comments.

AI OSINT training with ChatGPT

Training with ChatGPT in OSINT opens new horizons in extracting information from open sources. From advanced data analysis to scenario modeling and process automation, ChatGPT serves as a versatile tool that significantly enriches and improves analytical processes in various fields. Participants will gain practical knowledge and skills to effectively use this powerful tool in their work.

AI OSINT training course addressees

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) training with ChatGPT and AI is dedicated to all those who want to deepen their knowledge of modern intelligence methods, data analysis and the use of AI and ChatGPT in these processes, including:

  • Intelligence and data analysts
  • Employees of government agencies and law enforcement agencies
  • Cyber security specialists
  • Penetration testers
  • Investigative journalists
  • Private investigators
  • PR and marketing professionals
  • Market researchers
  • HR professionals and recruiters
Benefits of AI OSINT training

Participants of OSINT training using AI and ChatGPT will gain comprehensive skills in analyzing large data sets, deepen their knowledge of OSINT techniques, and learn how to effectively use ChatGPT in a variety of analytical tasks. This training will develop advanced analytical skills, increase efficiency in assessing the reliability of information, and enable practical application of new skills in real-world scenarios. Participants will be able to automate and streamline data collection processes, resulting in time savings and increased productivity. Additionally, they will gain valuable skills in analyzing sentiment and public sentiment, which is crucial in market, political and social analysis. This training is an ideal preparation for the challenges of the future, against the backdrop of the growing importance of AI technologies and data analysis in many sectors.

What are the hardware requirements?

To participate in the training, you will need a computer with an Intel i5/i7 processor (8th generation or later) or AMD equivalent, a minimum of 8 GB RAM, USB 3.0 Type-A port, wireless network access (802.11 standard) and the latest version of Linux, Windows 10/11 or macOS 10.15.x or later.


The training is conducted by Marcin Meller, author of training courses, including the first OSINT training in Poland, an experienced trainer and consultant in various areas of intelligence, criminal analysis and security. He has taught Strategic Business Intelligence at Kozminski University. His solutions and specialized training have gained recognition among experts and provide a proven methodology for information acquisition and analysis. He has a rich history of working with major public and private sector companies.


Our OSINT courses offer the ability to customize the content, duration and form of delivery (classroom, remote or blended) to meet the specific requirements and career aspirations of participants from different backgrounds and those developing their OSINT skills.

What does the training include?

ChatGPT, as an advanced artificial intelligence-based tool, has a number of applications in OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) that go beyond standard data collection and analysis. In this AI OSINT training course, you will learn advanced ways to use ChatGPT and other AI tools within OSINT, including:

1. information gathering

ChatGPT excels at collecting data from a variety of sources, such as social media platforms, news sites, forums and blogs. By entering specific queries, ChatGPT can search multiple online sources and consolidate relevant information in one place.

2. Data interpretation

ChatGPT has the ability to interpret significant amounts of data, offering insights into prevailing trends, sentiments and patterns. By providing it with data sets, ChatGPT can identify correlations and relationships that may escape human analysts at first glance.

3. Profiling individuals and companies

ChatGPT can perform in-depth analysis on specific individuals and companies by examining their social media profiles, online activity and other publicly available data. In this way, it provides detailed information about the subject under study, including, for example, interests, contacts and potential connections.

4. Event monitoring

ChatGPT can monitor events and follow social media platforms in real time. By specifying a specific event or hashtag, ChatGPT can search multiple social media channels and provide live updates on developments.

5. Disinformation detection

ChatGPT can identify fake news and disinformation by analyzing multiple sources and cross-referencing the data provided. By providing a specific article or news item, ChatGPT can generate a report on its credibility, highlighting any discrepancies or discrepancies.

6. Supporting Linguistic and Semantic Analysis

ChatGPT can be used for semantic analysis of content, which includes understanding context, intent and subtle linguistic nuances in messages. This can be extremely useful in the analysis of diplomatic documents, political speeches or public statements, where linguistic nuances are crucial.

7. Simulation and Scenario Modeling

ChatGPT can simulate potential scenarios based on available data, which is useful for predicting trends, market behavior or risk analysis. For example, it can model the potential effects of geopolitical events on financial markets.

8. Generating Hypotheses and Theories

In the context of investigations and analysis, ChatGPT can help generate hypotheses or theories based on available information, which can lead to new lines of research or discovery.

9. Social network analysis

ChatGPT can help analyze social networks, identifying key individuals, their interconnectedness and their influence on each other. This is particularly useful in investigating terrorist networks, criminal groups or business social networks.

10. Source Verification

ChatGPT can be used to verify the authenticity of documents and digital content, and to determine likely authorship based on writing style and other factors.

11. Automating and streamlining OSINT processes

ChatGPT can automate routine tasks in OSINT processes, such as data collection, preliminary analysis, information sorting, and preliminary report generation, which significantly improves the efficiency of analysts.

12. Sentiment and Mood Analysis

Using advanced natural language processing algorithms, ChatGPT can analyze sentiment and mood in public discourse, which is invaluable in socio-political analysis, marketing or crisis management.

13. Creating Fictitious Profiles

For testing or training purposes, ChatGPT can assist in creating realistic but fictitious profiles of people on social media, which is useful for cyber security training or penetration testing.