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Protection against surveillance

Implementation of techniques to protect against surveillance, detection of eavesdropping devices, microcameras and others. Detection of intrusion traces on Android and iOS mobile devices and identification of spyware such as Pegasus, Predator, etc.

Blue Team

Defensive security services. The Blue Team is responsible for proactively protecting the organisation’s critical resources from all threats. The Blue Team’s tasks include regular analysis of IT systems, identifying vulnerabilities, assessing the effectiveness of existing security tools, procedures and policies, as well as responding to security incidents and improving defence mechanisms.

Red Team Ethical Hacking

Offensive Security Services. The Red Team uses actual cyber-attack methods to identify weaknesses in an entity’s technologies, people and processes. The Red Team’s mission is to defeat existing security controls with the intention of penetrating the network or taking control of company resources.

IT audit

An information technology (IT) audit is a thorough examination and evaluation of the IT infrastructure, system applications, data processing methods and operational policies, procedures and processes of an entity against recognised standards or established principles. An IT audit is a verification of controls protecting IT resources, in terms of integrity and compliance with the company’s goals and objectives.

Security of sensitive data

Encryption of sensitive data on electronic devices with non-conventional algorithms and other data and information security services.