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Cyber risk awareness and privacy protection

Training: Cyber security awareness and privacy protection

IT Security Awareness training aims to increase the level of security in a company by educating staff and increasing knowledge in the areas of cyber threats and cyber attacks. The training programme provides up-to-date information on cyber security issues and presents best practices for protecting privacy and sensitive data.

For whom?

Program Awareness training is aimed at employees of companies and their executives, as well as others requiring an increase in general awareness of privacy and online security, including for:

  • Civil servants, public administration employees
  • Employees and managing card
  • Law enforcement
  • Economic and political intelligence
  • Detectives
  • Accounting firms
  • Law firms


Marcin Meller, author of training courses, including the first OSINT training course in Poland, experienced trainer and consultant in various areas of intelligence and security. He lectured on the Strategic Business Intelligence course at Kozminski University. His solutions and specialised training courses have gained recognition among experts and represent a proven methodology for information acquisition and analysis. He has a rich history of working with major public and private sector companies.

Example modules
  • Current situation and events
  • Types of attacks, vectors, examples
  • Cyber security facts and myths
  • Passwords and security of sensitive data
  • Safe email practices
  • Safe use of the Internet, including social networks
  • Creating a false identity, the so-called sockpuppet
  • Data protection, cryptography, steganography
  • Threats and security of mobile devices
  • Bezpieczne udostępnianie plików
  • Secure file sharing
  • Backing up
  • Security of removable media
  • Security of a private Wi-Fi network
  • Support for operating systems to protect against surveillance and censorship
  • Safety checklist
  • Physical security
  • Social engineering and phishing tests