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About us


Oryon Systems P.S.A. unifies the fields of intelligence and cybersecurity, providing comprehensive strategic and competitive intelligence services as well as state-of-the-art IT solutions to guarantee the security of your organization’s processes. Oryon Systems offers comprehensive support in achieving business objectives and increasing competitive advantage in the marketplace by solving problems, raising awareness, providing key knowledge (know-how) and proactively assisting in cyber operations, using radical security solutions at the highest technical level.

One of the ideas guiding Oryon Systems is to create a platform for innovative projects and IT products, bringing together the best professionals in the areas of OSINT, cybersecurity and ethical hacking. Oryon Systems P.S.A. supports the culture of hacktivism and the philosophy of ethical hacking with a focus on promoting positive change in the digital society.

Total privacy and security

FOryon Systems designs and implements cutting-edge IT technologies, using, among other principles, the Zero Trust policy (‘don’t trust, verify everything’) and the defence-in-depth (DiD, defence-in-depth) security model, to provide security at every level of IT systems in operation. Oryon products use innovative cryptographic techniques and advanced system and application security features. This guarantees the highest protection of user privacy and security of data processed on electronic devices connected to the network.

GThe main attribute of Oryon’s solutions are closed and isolated network environments, secured by a quantum-proof VPN (Quantum-proof VPN). The proposed solutions allow completely private use of systems and applications, as well as closed encrypted communication between users on the network. Only proven high-end hardware platforms are used in the Oryon series, creating airtight and isolated environments that are resistant to all types of device attacks and data breach attempts.

Oryon’s encrypted IoT solutions are redundant, scalable in larger network environments and can be customised to suit individual company preferences.

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Offensive cyber activities leading to unauthorised access to a company’s IT systems or sensitive user data is a real threat that generates losses of approximately six trillion dollars each year. Hacking (cracker) attacks on mobile devices, computers and networks are motivated by a variety of factors and can be used to, among other things:

theft of sensitive data;
disruption of critical business operations;
infiltration of information systems;
disruption of critical infrastructure (CI), e.g. production and energy and fuel supply systems, communication and ICT systems, financial and banking systems, etc.;
tracking selected Internet users, company employees or members of an organisation;
pursuit of covert political or financial aims for interested legal entities or other interest groups;
Internet blackmail against an individual or a company;
counter-intelligence activities

Cybercriminals achieve their goals using more or less sophisticated methods. From well-known phishing methods such as Phishing, Watering Hole, Man-In-The-Middle (MITM), to advanced commercial spyware such as Pegasus and Predator or APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) cyber criminal activities, which can go undetected for months and are currently the biggest threat in the cyber landscape.